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Diwali 2022: Best 5 Diya Decoration ideas for making this Diwali more brighten

Jagat Pal

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Diwali 2022 is most awaited festival of lights in India. Diyas play an significant role in Diwali celebration.

Diwali is very special festival of India which is celebrated in grand way. As we all knows this festival of light is totally incomplete without loads of diyas in and around the home. Diyas enhancing the beauty of rangoli and Laxmi Pooja which is also imperative part of this celebration.On Diwali Put some diyas in front of Goddess Laxmi, Goddess saraswati and great Lord Ganesha is part of worshiped for more prosperity and success.

Diwali diya decoration At Home

let’s see some crafty ideas for decorate diyas for diwali.

1. Diya decoration with pulses: 

Rice and pulses are not just term of our staple food but also we use them for Art, rituals and dozen other things. you may use yellow dal ,green dal, or black dal, here we used chana dal for diya decoration on Diwali celebration. paste pulses on diya for a long term use and avoid disturbance. To paste the pulses without any mess, just mix glue with some water and using a large brush coat on surface. you can add pulses according to your choice . we also can use a small pluckier and place them on diya. After some time when all pluses become sticky, then paint them with your favorite color.

Diya decoration with pulses:

2. Create beautiful glass candle jar using wool yarn: 

its very easy to make,learn too. Firstly you have to choose your favorite colorful wool for cover your little candle jar. use glue to cover the jar and start wrapping the wool yarn simply. make sure that wool yarn should be tight so that the glue attaches the wool to the glass jar. if you want to add another color of wool,just cut the thread and paste the remaining part on the glass jar and press with your hand so that the wool thread is properly glued to the glass candle jar. these decorated candle jar enhancing the beauty of Diwali celebration.

Create beautiful glass candle jar using wool yarn

3. Make best of waste with old CDs for diwali decoration:

We also can add CD in our crafty list for diwali celebration. use acrylic colors to paint a CD and make design with color or stone. place glue or diya in the middle of the CD for the beautiful and simple version of this Diwali decoration. these ideas of decoration may helpful for great lighting design on this diwali.

Make best of waste with old CDs for diwali decoration

4. Get something unique with pom poms: 

Colorful pom poms can be used in different ways to make your diyas stunningly beautiful.For making this Diwali decoration more unique or special we will use different ideas. Take the cardboard circles or CD and leaving some space in the middle, start gluing the pom poms around the edge. We also can paste the pompom on the candle jar. let it dry completely.

Get something unique with pom poms

5. diya decoration with broken pieces of bangle: 

colorful bangles also can be used for diya decoration on this diwali. collect some pieces of bangles. paste those pieces on a candle jar or diya . we also can paste these pieces of bangles on CD, and put a diya in the middle of CD and lid so that they look beautiful. they will glitter in the light of diya.

diya decoration with broken pieces of bangle

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